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Kyrgyzstan, officially known as the Kyrgyz Republic, is a sleepy little mountain nation nestled into the western most reaches of the Tian Shan Mountain Range. About the size of the State of Idaho, it was one of several Asian republics spawned by the break up of the Soviet Union. An early ally of the United States’ in the war in Afghanistan, there remains an active U.S. Air force base in Bishkek, the capital city. Rich in pristine mountain beauty, tourism is a major industry in this otherwise poor country.

Kyrgyzstan has become one of the most popular destinations for mountain hunters. This country produces very large Mid Asian ibex, Marco Polo argali, and excellent Tian Shan argali sheep. A variety of Marco Polo sheep found south of the Naryn River are also considered by some sheep hunting organizations as the Hume argali and are accepted as such for the “Super Slam” of wild sheep. There is a small, but growing population of Tian Shan wapiti (Asian elk) in the remote eastern part of Kyrgyzstan and some Siberian roe deer along the flood plains of the several rivers in the fertile lowlands adjacent to Kazakhstan.

Road networks are better than in neighboring Tajikistan and the level of outfitting service has improved dramatically in recent years. Hunting altitudes are lower than in Tajikistan and therefore horses can be used extensively for transportation during mountain hunts.

The Hunting Consortium Ltd. has been involved in Kyrgyzstan since hunting for foreigners was opened there in the late 1980s. We offer several popular hunting programs in Kyrgyzstan.

Species List:

  • Marco Polo Argali
  • Tian Shan Argali
  • Marco Polo (Hume) Argali
  • Mid-Asian Ibex
  • Siberian Roe Deer
  • Wild Boar
  • Wolf

Special Permit Species:

  • Tian Shan Wapiti (Asian Elk)
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