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The Balkans are the region of Southeastern Europe which lie between western Europe and the Middle East. It is composed of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and various republics of former Yugoslavia and Albania. The Balkans are famous for their rich hunting grounds and wild, sparsely populated mountains. Endowed with several mountain ranges, beautiful coastlines and lush river valleys, these countries boast a long list of European species. They offer excellent trophy quality red stags, Alpine chamois, Alpine ibex, Balkan chamois, mouflon, fallow deer, roe deer, and wild boar, as well as rarer species such as the European brown bear, wolf and lynx. Macedonia is also the only country which can offer hunting for the coveted Kri Kri ibex.

As elsewhere in Europe, our programs in the Balkans have been designed specifically for our clients. Our staff travels frequently in the region, updating information and selecting new areas, always looking for the best hunting opportunities and the most reliable operators. Our partners in the Balkans are some of the most experienced and professional operators in Europe. Accommodations are very comfortable, with excellent foods and wines. The hunting is perhaps the best it has ever been in this region.

This small country, about twice the size of Macedonia, was also spawned in the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1991. It is blessed with a long and beautiful coastline, rich alluvial plains along the Drava and Danube river valleys, vast forests, and the rugged Dalmatian Mountains. These varied habitats harbor most of the major European game species. Croatia also boasts an excellent infrastructure, which, although damaged during the civil war of the 1990s, has largely recovered and is today one of the best in the Balkans.

One of the most important hunting destinations in Europe, Croatia has lured hunters from far and wide for hundreds of years. The famous valleys of the Drava River, which separate Croatia from Hungary and the Danube River, which separates it from Serbia, have produced some of the largest red stags ever taken. The rich floodplains of these rivers also produce excellent roe deer.
Croatia’s forests are full of wild boars and a significant population of European brown bears. The coastal mountains produce excellent mouflon rams and Balkan chamois, as well as the wild Dalmatian Ovan, or wild sheep – a progenitor of our domestic sheep.

Croatia’s Adriatic Coast has been a tourist destination for generations and therefore there are an abundance of excellent hotels, guest houses, and hunting lodges throughout the country. Good road networks make traversing the country easy and quick, making hunting in several areas easily possible during the same trip.

Species List:

  • Balkan Chamois
  • Central European Mouflon
  • Dalmatian Wild Sheep
  • Dalmatian Wild Sheep
  • Eurasian(European) Brown Bear
  • Eurasian Wild Boar
  • European Fallow deer
  • European Red Deer
  • European Roe deer
  • European Wild Cat
  • Feral Goat
  • Gray Wolf
  • Golden Jackal
  • Hybrid Ibex
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