"When I have a question about a car, recipe, or the latest news, I use "Google." When I have a hunting; where, how, or what question, I call the Hunting Consortium. No Guff! I've booked over 30 international hunts through the Hunting Consortium and fully intend to use their professional services far into the future!"
-Jim Shockey

“Bob and his crew are experienced professionals. Every trip is meticulously planned with true military precision. I have very much enjoyed my trips with Bob and would not trust anyone else to outfit my hunts in Russia and Asia!”
-Craig Boddington

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COVID-19 Hunting Russia Turkey Croatia Macedonia Tanzania Zambia

Posted on 17th September, 2020 by HC-Admin

The COVID-19 outbreak has created the largest number of postponed hunting and fishing trips in history. Most of the world’s most popular venues are either closed to travel by Americans, or require quarantine measures. We are monitoring the situation around the world closely. Contact us for more.

Several countries have reopened, namely Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, Tanzania and Zambia. Our hunts in these countries are proceeding this year without incident. The results in trophy quality in Zambia and Tanzania have been extraordinary, due to the reduced hunting pressure. Those who have hunted Africa this year have returned safely, with fantastic trophies!

We anticipate an increase in the reopenings, as vaccines are developed. Several vaccines are now in phase 3 trials, the last stage before approval.

2021 Due to the thousands of trips having been postponed to next year, the calendar for is almost at capacity. If you want to hunt in 2021, contact us now to see what space is remaining.

2022 Due to 2021 being nearly at full capacity, our clients are now aggressively booking into 2022. We urge to inquire with us for available dates in 2022.  Click here for more!

Zambia There are still openings available for September and October for those who can decide quickly.  Ethiopian Airlines is still serving Lusaka regularly, and reliably. The huge buffalo of the Luangwa Valley and the many unique species of Zambia await you. Discounts are available. Pictured here is a Click here to Book now!

Hunting Zambia Luangwa Valley

Tanzania The rains this year were exceptional in the Masailand, arguably the most famous hunting ground in Africa. The low number of safaris this year has created a once in a lifetime opportunity for exceptional trophies, at reduced prices. The hunting season has been extended until July of next year, so spring hunts are now possible in 2021 – something that has not happened in more than 20 years. Click here to Book now!

Hunting Tanzania Masailand

Social Media Censorship has become an ever-increasing difficulty for us. On 23 July, Facebook, without warning, deleted over 1,200 of our posts, pictures (some dating back to as early as 2009), and banned our URL www.huntcon.com (even from being sent by Facebook Messenger). We have reached out to many of the major organizations, to include, Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club, GSCO, and Wildsheep Foundation. Rob Kern had a meeting yesterday with VP Dan Gainer and VP Scott Russell of the Media Research Center www.MRC.org to discuss strategies on moving forward. MRC believes that this is an attack on the hunting community and they believe that we are the “canary in the coal mine”.

We ask you please to save this image and to use the hashtag #StopHuntingCensorship and #Huntcon in your posts. Facebook will not allow you to share from our page or to tag us in posts. We believe that coming together as a community is the only way that we can fight back. You will be hearing more from some of the above mentioned organizations very soon.

The Hunting Consortium Stop Censorship

No matter what game you seek, or what country you want to hunt, we can help you. Our experienced staff is standing by to help you realize your dreams, whether in hunting or in fishing, or even just in adventure travel – anywhere on the planet.

Let us help you with your plans for 2021, 2022, and beyond now!

Your Hunting Consortium Team

*As this is time sensitive info, it may not be available or may have changed, call us to find out latest info.

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