“During the past 5 years the Hunting Consortium has been the most invaluable resource a hunter could ask for.I have averaged over 150 hunting days in that time and many, if not most of those days were booked through The Hunting Consortium. Their knowledge and experience is unmatched in the hunting industry. I have always been pleased with the quality of the outfitters and the professional hunter’s and guides that Hunting Consortium have booked for me. I’ve hunted in Africa over a dozen times on hunts booked by the Hunting Consortium and every time I felt like I was hunting the premier area with one of the best outfitters and knowledgeable, helpful professional hunters. In Africa I have taken 158 different animals I couldn’t have accomplished that without the Hunting Consortium. I was on a hunting trip for over 6 weeks in the South Pacific which included a family vacation with my adult children and hunted with 5 different outfitters in 6 different areas in both New Zealand and Australia - a LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE that the Hunting Consortium handled without a hitch. I finished that trip by hunting all of the species available to hunt in these locations besides one. EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS on a single trip. The achievement I am most proud of though is my 21 day hunt in Spain where I took every animal that is currently available to hunt. Considering that the 7 Capra species were all free-range, this was very challenging but the Hunting Consortium put me in the best areas with best outfitters.”
-Rick Warren

“Wherever in the world my hunting dreams take me, I know that Corey and Bob will have everything well-organized. Their amazing knowledge and continuous research has put me in a position to take some truly extraordinary trophies, with the very best guides in the hunting world today. Nobody knows more about the game and the world of hunting than these guys and the travel team at the Hunting Consortium is unlike any I have ever used. They know from personal experience how to get someone into and out of the most remote places in the world and they keep up with the ever-changing regulations concerning hunting, firearms and travel options. This is the most “can-do” team I have ever worked with in hunting! They have risked their reputation and their very lives to blaze your trail. If you’re not booking with The Hunting Consortium, it’s most likely your loss and someone else’s gain. You sure can’t do any better - their word is good!”
-Lary Knowlton

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Far-East Russia & Siberia

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With a land mass as great as the rest of the European countries combined, stretching from the Arctic Ocean in the north to the Ural Mountains in the east and the Caspian Sea in the south, Russia (The Russian Federation) is endowed with enormous natural resources. This vast territory once included what is today the Ukraine and Belarus and was hidden to most western travelers behind the Iron Curtain for most of the 20th Century.

Russian history has evolved for more than 1,000 years. The first principality, ruled from Kiev, emerged around 911. Prince Vladimir adopted Byzantine Christianity and drifted away from the Holy Roman Empire in western Europe. Conquered by the invading Mongols in 1240, Russia became part of Genghis Khan’s empire for over 100 years, further isolating her for the West. In 1698 Russia began its return to western culture under Tzar Peter the Great, who built St. Petersburg, one of Russia’s greatest cities today, and the entry point for many hunters visiting Russia.

Hunting has held a place of honor in the Russian history and culture for hundreds of years. The country has supplied much of the world with furs and venison was a staple in the diet of many Russians even in Communist times. Today the well-managed wildlife populations provide a high quality hunting experience for visiting sportsmen from around the world and the vastly improved political climate encourages visitors to come to Russia for great outdoor adventures.

This vast country encompasses a great variety of habitats, from sub-arctic tundra and coastal floodplain in the north, transitioning into seemingly endless boreal forests. In the more temperate central latitudes there are thousands of miles of mixed evergreen and deciduous forest, mixed with agriculturally developed lands. In the south rich grasslands surround the mighty Volga River, Europe’s longest river. South of the mouth of the Volga stretches the open steppe of the Kalmyk Republic, which ends abruptly in the rugged Caucasus Mountains in Dagestan and Chechnya. This varied landscape is home to many species, some of which are unique.

The Hunting Consortium has operated in Russia for more than 25 years and has now teamed with to provide the widest array of hunting options ever offered in Russia. No other hunting tourism organization operating in Russia has such a widespread network of service representatives, or such a qualified full-time Russian staff to serve their clients. Our Russian staff is the most experienced, practiced and competent group of hunting travel professionals every put together in Russia. We offer the full range of services including assistance in immigration and customs clearance, transfers, accommodations, sight-seeing, shopping, business meetings and many other services.


The Far East holds Russia’s greatest wealth in big game species. This vast, remote, virtually unsettled land, including the provinces of Khabarovsk, Magadan, Chukotka and Kamchatka, as well as Sakhalin Island, are home to three types of brown bears, two species of moose and four subspecies of snow sheep, not to mention caribou, wolf, wolverine, walrus and small game. Distances are great and travel difficult, but for the adventurous hunter the rewards are without compare.

The Hunting Consortium has been involved in the development of the Russian Far East since the moment this region was opened to foreign travelers. We have explored extensively in Khabarovsk, Kamchatka and Chukotka and have established highly successful hunting programs for all of the popular big game species found there. We are proud to be the largest and most successful organizer of coastal brown bear hunts in Kamchatka and we were the first hunting company to penetrate the interior of Chukotka to harvest the huge moose of the Anadyr Basin and the Chukotka snow sheep. We continue to lead the way in developing the Far East.

Species List:

  • Kamchatka Brown Bear
  • Siberian Brown Bear
  • Amur Brown Bear
  • Asian Black Bear
  • Chukotka Moose
  • Amur Moose
  • Manchurian Wapiti
  • Dybowski Sika Deer
  • Chinese Roe Deer
  • Siberian Musk Deer
  • Asian Reindeer
  • Kamchatka Bighorn Sheep
  • Koryak Snow Sheep
  • Chukotka Snow Sheep
  • Okhotsk Snow Sheep
  • Yakutsk Snow Sheep
  • Kolyma Snow Sheep
  • Capercaillie
  • Asian Lynx
  • Gray Wolf


Stretching more than 2,000 miles from the Ural Mountains, which mark in boundary of European Russia in the West, to the shores of the Sea of Okhotsk in the Far East, Siberia is a huge, thinly populated region with several distinct ecosystems and almost incalculable wildlife resources.

In Western Siberia, near the cities of Kurgan and Ekaterinburg stretch seemingly endless fields of wheat, corn and other crops. This is the “breadbasket” of Russia and home to the largest Siberian roe deer in the world. This region also has huge forests and swamps in which can be found wild boar, wolves and very large European moose. Accommodation is had in farm houses and simple cabins (occasionally also in tented camps).

In South Central Siberia lie the remote and mountainous autonomous republics of Altai and Tuva. This beautiful region is covered with evergreen and birch forests and boasts a diverse array of game species. Asian elk (maral stags), of approximately the same size as those found in Mongolia, brown bear, moose, Siberian roe deer and musk deer are found in good numbers. Accommodation is had in tented camps and simple hunting cabins.

Perhaps the greatest hunting treasures of Siberia, however, are found in Eastern Yakutia, in the several mountain ranges and river drainages east of the Lena River. Here, the traveling sportsman can still find excellent populations of snow sheep (ovis n. lydekeri), as well as huge moose along the Kolyma and Indigirka Rivers, Siberian brown bear (Russian grizzlies) caribou and wolves, not to mention stunning scenery in pristine wilderness of mind boggling size. Full-service, tented camps are set up in remote areas reached only by helicopter or bush plane.

The Hunting Consortium has developed hunting programs from one end of Siberia to the other. We have explored every major region in depth and offer our customers tested, proven hunts for all important species found in this enormous land.

Species List:

  • Siberian Brown Bear
  • Siberian Roe Deer
  • Siberian Musk Deer
  • European Moose
  • Yakutia Moose
  • Altai Wapiti
  • Yakutia Snow Sheep
  • Yakutia Moose
  • Asian Reindeer
  • Gray Wolf
  • Asian Lynx
  • Wolverine

Special Permit Species

  • Putorana Snow Sheep

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