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-Jim Shockey

“Bob and his crew are experienced professionals. Every trip is meticulously planned with true military precision. I have very much enjoyed my trips with Bob and would not trust anyone else to outfit my hunts in Russia and Asia!”
-Craig Boddington

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Hunting in Botswana & Macedonia Fishing in Angola & Brazil

Posted on 12th November, 2019 by HC-Admin

We hope this letter finds you well and you are enjoying the first hunts of the fall season.  Some good news is on the horizon and a couple of extraordinary opportunities have arisen for those can travel on short notice, so please take note: 


The re-opening of Botswana to trophy hunting is the biggest event in African hunting in over a decade.  Everyone is waiting anxiously for the block assignments and shooting quotas to be announced. We work with the leading companies in Botswana and hope to have definitive information soon now that the elections are over in that country. There may be quota for damage control hunts YET THIS YEAR!   We have heard on good authority that not only elephants, but also lion, leopard and many other species will be available in 2020, but quotas may not be large. Stay tuned for details.  When the gate opens, there will be a rush for the best time slots and PHs. Click Here NOW to hunt Botswana in 2020.


Bob has just returned from Macedonia, the most mountainous country in the former Yugoslavia, with great news. Our program there has been completely overhauled and we have a new partner.  We now have exclusive use of the famous Nidze Mountain game reserve, 55,000 acres, which lies on the border with Greece, and the 67,500 acre Stogovo concession, the largest in Macedonia, on the border of the Mavrovo National Park, where the biggest Balkan chamois are found. Nidze is excellent for high quality red stags, fallow stags and Japanese Sika stags, as well as other European species such as mouflon, wild boar and roe deer. It is also the best place in Europe for exotics such as Aoudad sheep and Racka sheep.  For collectors, it has pure Kri-Kri ibex and golden jackal.  Macedonia leads Europe as the top destination for wolf hunting, with a continuing success rate of over 90% – more wolves per square kilometer than any other country in the world!   We have excellent, cozy lodges at both locations, offering the very best of local cuisine and wines. Click Here to Book now!


Bob has also just returned from Angola, where he discovered a marlin fishery without peer anywhere in the world.  If you are looking for consistent hits on Atlantic blue marlin, this is your place!  Two Scots have started an amazing charter service there, sailing out of the capital Luanda, and the port of Lobito, using modern blue water big game boats– with astounding results.  The running time to the fish is a mere 20 minutes and the number of BIG marlins surpasses anything we have ever seen – and we have fished all the world’s hot spots for 40 years.  In three days Bob caught and released 3 marlin, 500, 550 and 650 pounds, respectively.  Along with Blue Marlin, anglers can also catch Atlantic sailfish and white marlin at certain times of year.  Professional, friendly and highly skilled, this team will soon be famous.  If you want to book the best time to hook BIG Atlantic Blue Marlin, Click Here to Book now for 2020 – this is the real deal!  


We have been involved with Amazon fishing, especially for peacock bass for over 25 years.  Like Bob, Phil Marsteller is a former U.S. Army helicopter pilot and a lover of the wildest places on earth.  He grew up in the Amazon, the son of missionaries, and he speaks the native dialects.  Phil was the first to start commercial operations with his famous Rio Negro Lodge and boat, the Amazon Queen.  Well, Phil is back!!   After several years of retirement, Phil just can’t stay home.  He has explored the Rio Roosevelt – previously known as the River of Doubt, where Theodore Roosevelt made his famous exploratory journey in 1914, which nearly cost him his life.  Phil has established the Lost River Lodge, at a spot above the falls, which HAS NEVER BEEN FISHED commercially, until now.  This remote spot can only be reached by charter airplane, and has already produced record size Payara and several other jungle species.  There are plenty of peacock bass too!  Phil has exclusive lease to more than 100 miles of river.  In addition to this operation, Phil has also opened a spot for the giant Arapaima, the largest freshwater fish.   For those who love “firsts” and very remote and unspoiled places, this is the adventure of a lifetime.  Experienced anglers and adventurers are welcome to help us develop this great new venue.  We are booking dates for May through November 2020, in 6-day blocks, and custom-designed itineraries, of at least 3 days’ duration.

No matter what game you seek, on land or in the water, or what country you want to hunt or fish, we can help you. Our experienced staff is standing by to help you realize your dreams, whether in hunting or in fishing, or even just in adventure travel – anywhere on the planet. Click here to Book now!

Let us help you with your plans for 2020 and 2021.

Your Hunting Consortium Team

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