“During the past 5 years the Hunting Consortium has been the most invaluable resource a hunter could ask for.I have averaged over 150 hunting days in that time and many, if not most of those days were booked through The Hunting Consortium. Their knowledge and experience is unmatched in the hunting industry. I have always been pleased with the quality of the outfitters and the professional hunter’s and guides that Hunting Consortium have booked for me. I’ve hunted in Africa over a dozen times on hunts booked by the Hunting Consortium and every time I felt like I was hunting the premier area with one of the best outfitters and knowledgeable, helpful professional hunters. In Africa I have taken 158 different animals I couldn’t have accomplished that without the Hunting Consortium. I was on a hunting trip for over 6 weeks in the South Pacific which included a family vacation with my adult children and hunted with 5 different outfitters in 6 different areas in both New Zealand and Australia - a LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE that the Hunting Consortium handled without a hitch. I finished that trip by hunting all of the species available to hunt in these locations besides one. EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS on a single trip. The achievement I am most proud of though is my 21 day hunt in Spain where I took every animal that is currently available to hunt. Considering that the 7 Capra species were all free-range, this was very challenging but the Hunting Consortium put me in the best areas with best outfitters.”
-Rick Warren

“Wherever in the world my hunting dreams take me, I know that Corey and Bob will have everything well-organized. Their amazing knowledge and continuous research has put me in a position to take some truly extraordinary trophies, with the very best guides in the hunting world today. Nobody knows more about the game and the world of hunting than these guys and the travel team at the Hunting Consortium is unlike any I have ever used. They know from personal experience how to get someone into and out of the most remote places in the world and they keep up with the ever-changing regulations concerning hunting, firearms and travel options. This is the most “can-do” team I have ever worked with in hunting! They have risked their reputation and their very lives to blaze your trail. If you’re not booking with The Hunting Consortium, it’s most likely your loss and someone else’s gain. You sure can’t do any better - their word is good!”
-Lary Knowlton

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Hunting Markhor

The various subspecies of Markhor are the most coveted trophies of mountain game in the world and they are also the rarest. Currently, four varieties are huntable. They include the Kashmir Markhor, Sulaiman Markhor, and Astor Markhor in Pakistan, and the Bukharan in Tajikistan. All may only be taken in accordance with carefully controlled CITES quotas and special permits. All markhor hunts require significant financial contributions to the respective governments and local authorities and are therefore quite expensive. We assist our clients in obtaining permits for these hunts by application only. (Pakistan, Tajikistan)

Markhor Hunting

All hunt programs offered by the Hunting Consortium in the countries of central Asia and in Europe have been constructed and tested by us and in some areas we have exclusive hunting rights. Numerous positive articles have been published about our hunts in various American and European hunting magazines and several commercial videos have been made about our hunts.

Bob and Rob Kern or Hunting Consortium staff visit hunting areas throughout the year to ensure that our clients are hunting in the very best areas available. We advise our clients thoroughly, and provide them with honest and up-to-date information. Our hunting programs on that subcontinent are extensive enough to fulfill any realistic hunting desire.

Travel Arrangements

As a full service travel company, the Hunting Consortium will make all necessary flight and hotel arrangements as well as procure any required visas and firearm permits. Hunting Consortium can assist you in getting the best airfare routing that best suits your desired itinerary and destination. When you are ready to book a hunt, we will construct a custom itinerary plan for you, designed to your specific requirements. Hunting Consortium will provide you with complete advice and suggestions on everything related to the hunt, from equipment and immunizations, to trophy shipping and a host of other necessities. Each of our hunters receives detailed information material on the hunts, country, inhabitants, and travel formalities. The firm also provides every hunter with a map, equipment checklist and other articles designed to prepare them for the hunt. Our staff is available to you seven days a week to answer any questions you may have concerning the organization or execution of the hunt.

Traveling to Russia and central Asia requires a sense of adventure and is not for the hunter who has to be pampered. For the adventurous sportsman in search of great trophies, and an exciting experience, it is a fascinating destination.
Europe, on the other hand provides an unforgettable experience, both in terms of the hunt itself, and for sightseeing and other activities which can be arranged according to the desires of each client. We specialize in arranging custom hunting itineraries as well as sightseeing for hunters or non-hunting companions.

We at the Hunting Consortium pride ourselves in planning hunts that deliver the right results for every client according to his/her own individual taste, budget and trophy quality aspirations. Markhor hunting is a very complex theme, so we encourage those interested to contact us for a thorough briefing and consultation, in order to determine the right hunting option.

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