“During the past 5 years the Hunting Consortium has been the most invaluable resource a hunter could ask for.I have averaged over 150 hunting days in that time and many, if not most of those days were booked through The Hunting Consortium. Their knowledge and experience is unmatched in the hunting industry. I have always been pleased with the quality of the outfitters and the professional hunter’s and guides that Hunting Consortium have booked for me. I’ve hunted in Africa over a dozen times on hunts booked by the Hunting Consortium and every time I felt like I was hunting the premier area with one of the best outfitters and knowledgeable, helpful professional hunters. In Africa I have taken 158 different animals I couldn’t have accomplished that without the Hunting Consortium. I was on a hunting trip for over 6 weeks in the South Pacific which included a family vacation with my adult children and hunted with 5 different outfitters in 6 different areas in both New Zealand and Australia - a LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE that the Hunting Consortium handled without a hitch. I finished that trip by hunting all of the species available to hunt in these locations besides one. EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS on a single trip. The achievement I am most proud of though is my 21 day hunt in Spain where I took every animal that is currently available to hunt. Considering that the 7 Capra species were all free-range, this was very challenging but the Hunting Consortium put me in the best areas with best outfitters.”
-Rick Warren

“Wherever in the world my hunting dreams take me, I know that Corey and Bob will have everything well-organized. Their amazing knowledge and continuous research has put me in a position to take some truly extraordinary trophies, with the very best guides in the hunting world today. Nobody knows more about the game and the world of hunting than these guys and the travel team at the Hunting Consortium is unlike any I have ever used. They know from personal experience how to get someone into and out of the most remote places in the world and they keep up with the ever-changing regulations concerning hunting, firearms and travel options. This is the most “can-do” team I have ever worked with in hunting! They have risked their reputation and their very lives to blaze your trail. If you’re not booking with The Hunting Consortium, it’s most likely your loss and someone else’s gain. You sure can’t do any better - their word is good!”
-Lary Knowlton

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The Republic of the Congo is the smaller of the two countries which lie along the banks of the mighty Congo River in central Africa (the other being the Democratic Republic of the Congo). It is about half the size of Texas and was once part of the French colony known as Equatorial Africa. It is bordered to the north by Cameroon and the Central African Republic, and to the east and south by the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The southwest of the country is coastal plain, which rises onto a central plateau, between two basins to the south and north. Dense forests blanket most of the interior. There are two raining seasons: March – May and September – November. The best times for hunting are late May and June, and August through early October. The climate is equatorial, with almost 80 inches of rain in the central regions. Temperatures average 75-80⁰ F, for much of the year.

The Congo has a very primitive infrastructure, but it is the 4th largest producer of oil and hydrocarbons on the Gulf of Guinea. The capital is Brazzaville, which is the point of arrival, and starting point for safaris. Hunting takes place in the north of the country near the border with Cameroon.

The Congo is an adventurous destination for forest hunts. Travel is more difficult and the amenities fewer than in neighboring Cameroon, but the hunting season is longer and trophy fees are a bit lower.

Species list:

  • Bongo
  • Forest sitatunga
  • Dwarf Buffalo
  • Yellow-backed Duiker
  • Blue Duiker
  • Bay Duiker
  • Black-fronted Duiker
  • Peter’s Duiker
  • White-bellied Duiker
  • Ogilby’s Duiker
  • Bates Pygmy Antelope
  • Red River Hog
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