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"For almost two decades now, I have asked Bob and Rob Kern to provide me with the best international hunts on planet earth. They have always came through and provided me with some of the most exciting adventures that I have had in my career."
-Jim Shockey

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Ghana has long been overlooked as an African safari destination. This small West African country, about the size of the state of Nevada, is located on the West Coast of Africa, on the Gulf of Guinea, sandwiched in between Togo to the east and the Ivory coast to the west. Most of the country is covered with equatorial rain forest, with some savannah in the far north. Ghana is now enjoying time in the international hunting spotlight with the recent discovery of large populations of several pygmy antelopes, notably the royal antelope. The royal antelope is the smallest horned animal in the world and is one of the most prized of the antelopes of Africa, by collectors. The Maxwell’s duiker and the black duiker are also available for hunting in Ghana.

Our outfitter for this hunt has arranged a first rate team of professional hunters and local game scouts who spend most of the year in the forest locating these illusive creatures. Although there are several forest reserves open to hunting, most safaris are conducted from comfortable beach houses along the Atlantic ocean, not far from the arrival point, Accra. The hunting calendar is set up based on the lunar calendar and hunts are arranged to take advantage of the new moon. The hunting season in Ghana runs from February through July.

Species List:

  • Royal Antelope
  • Harnessed Bushbuck
  • Maxwell’s Duiker
  • Black Duiker
  • Brushtail Porcupine
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