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Forming the bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey, which encompasses the Anatolian Peninsula, occupies one of the oldest continually inhabited regions of the world. It is has developed a sound system of wildlife management, which is rare in the Middle East, through which many of the species of this region can still be hunted. Turkey in fact, encourages foreign visitors and has a well developed tourism infrastructure and several experienced hunting outfitters to accommodate the increasing flow of hunting tourists. Istanbul, where most foreigners arrive, is one for the most fascinating and historic cities in the world, and well worth the visit, with or without hunting.

Turkey, where the mythological Diana, Goddess of Hunting, reigned, offers the discriminating sportsman a rich variety of hunting opportunities. Much of Turkey is mountainous and some areas are quite remote and difficult to reach, making hunting in this exciting and historic land very interesting, challenging, and unique. The eventual destination for each hunt varies with the species to be hunted but usually will be one of the following historic sites: Antalya, Adana, Erzurum or Trabzon. In land flights and car transfers are used to reach the hunting areas. Depending on the area, accommodations are had in quaint local hotels, hunting cabins or lodges. The hunting season is from August through March,

Game currently available to hunters includes: Bezoar wild goat (Persian ibex), Anatolian chamois, Mid-Eastern red deer and wild boar (in some areas roe deer may also be taken, but this species is not common). Temporarily protected species, some of which may soon be available again to tourist hunters in limited numbers, include: Mid-Eastern brown bear, wolf, European fallow deer, and Persian goitered gazelle. Caracal lynx, Asian lynx and Asian leopard are scarce and protected. Turkey also boasts excellent waterfowl shooting, but this resource has not yet been fully developed. Coupling the uniqueness of a hunt in this region with the fascinating sights and sounds of Istanbul, where East meets West and 5,000 years of history collide, or the luxuries of Antalya on the southern coast, the visiting sportsman gains an experience not to be had in any other country.

Species List:

  • Bezoar Ibex
  • Hybrid Ibex
  • European Roe Deer
  • Mid-Eastern Red Deer
  • Anatolian Chamois
  • Wild Boar

Special Permit Species:

  • Konya sheep
  • European Brown Bear

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