“Wherever in the world my hunting dreams take me, I know that Corey and Bob will have everything well-organized. Their amazing knowledge and continuous research has put me in a position to take some truly extraordinary trophies, with the very best guides in the hunting world today. Nobody knows more about the game and the world of hunting than these guys and the travel team at the Hunting Consortium is unlike any I have ever used. They know from personal experience how to get someone into and out of the most remote places in the world and they keep up with the ever-changing regulations concerning hunting, firearms and travel options. This is the most “can-do” team I have ever worked with in hunting! They have risked their reputation and their very lives to blaze your trail. If you’re not booking with The Hunting Consortium, it’s most likely your loss and someone else’s gain. You sure can’t do any better - their word is good!”
-Lary Knowlton

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Cape Buffalo

The Cape buffalo is one of Africa’s most impressive big game animals. A member of the Big Five, the Cape buffalo can be a lethal adversary and a challenging animal to hunt. To paraphrase Robert Ruark, “they look at you like you owe them money.” Fortunately, for hunters, Cape buffalo are widely distributed throughout southern and eastern Africa and available in good numbers in several great hunting countries.

The Hunting Consortium offers its clients unparalleled experience in Africa, having arranged safaris for more than 40 years! We work for a wide variety of customers and pride ourselves in giving individual attention and in tailoring every safari to the needs and goals of each client. No other company provides the depth of service and individual attention which we do.

Bob and Margarete Kern have owned safari companies in both South Africa and Tanzania. Bob and Rob Kern as well as other members of the experienced Hunting Consortium staff have personally hunted every area offered by the Hunting Consortium and visit concessions and areas frequently to keep the information we provide current. We know personally every operator we recommend. The Hunting Consortium is uniquely qualified to assist our clients in any realistic hunting desire in Africa. We know who to hunt with, when to hunt for the best possible results, and how to get there as efficiently as possible.

The Hunting Consortium offers more than 20 different options for Cape buffalo hunts in many countries; However, here are some of the most popular destinations.


South Africa

South Africa has the best infrastructure in Africa which makes Cape buffalo hunting safaris logistically problem-free there. The best Cape buffalo hunting in South Africa is confined to the areas around and near the famous Kruger Park. There are some Cape buffalo on private ranches, but the best trophies and larger herds are found in the famous Timbavati, Klaserie and Balule nature reserves, which adjoin the park. Permits are quite limited, but trophy quality is excellent.

The success rate in these special areas has run 100% in recent years and these concessions consistently produce extremely good trophies, some over 45 inches in spread. This South African trophy buffalo hunt is not the cheapest buffalo hunt available, but it is one of the BEST buffalo hunts in Africa today. A long list of plains game species may also be hunted in South Africa, in combination with buffalo and elsewhere throughout the country.


Zimbabwe is also one of the best countries for Cape buffalo hunting both in trophy quality and in price. Cape buffalo hunting must be done in leased government and tribal land concessions and we have the best available, such as the Matetsi, and Ngamo Forest, near Victoria Falls and Dande and Chewore along the Zambezi River.

Buffalo hunting in Zimbabwe is legendary. There are still thousands of buffalo there and herds numbering more than 100 buffalo are not uncommon. Trophies range from 37 to 45 inches and in recent years success has been 100% with the operators we represent.


Tanzania offers the highest quality buffalo hunts, as well as the legendary traditional East African safari experience. A very high level of service, coupled with unparalleled game numbers, give safaris in Tanzania unique character in the hunting world. The land of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is the country so vividly described in the writings of Theodore Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway and Robert Ruark. It is perhaps the best choice for a general bag safari today, as well as one of the best countries for hunting Cape buffalo – nevertheless it is also Africa’s most expensive country to hunt. No other country in Africa can challenge Tanzania for its trophy buffalo and the variety of antelope species.


This country’s game numbers were heavily damaged during their civil war in the 1990s, but some areas were virtually untouched by the fighting and many others have now recovered. There are great herds of Cape buffalo here, especially in the Zambezi Delta, where they number in the thousands. Sable antelope are also very common in some areas and combination hunts for sable and buffalo are extremely popular. Mozambique also offers excellent hunting for nyala, and many other species of plains game which can be hunted with the buffalo. Mozambique offers the best VALUE for Cape buffalo hunting today.


Zambia is another important option when discussing Cape buffalo hunting. Short, specific Cape buffalo hunts are available here, as well as longer “midi-safaris”, combining a Cape buffalo with the coveted sable antelope and other plains game species. The Luangwa Valley has long been one of the best buffalo hunting areas in all of Africa, where Cape buffalo are found in large numbers and in superb quality.


Uganda is a magical destination and with each passing year the hunting keeps getting better.
Uganda was once known as the pearl of Africa, where huge elephants were the rule, not the exception, and general bag safaris for the big five were common. All that has changed, but the beauty of the country is still there to be enjoyed. There are a number of very desirable species available such as Uganda kob and island sitatunga, which are unique to Uganda. Uganda is the only country where one can hunt the Cape buffalo (southern Uganda) and the Nile buffalo (northern Uganda). The Hunting Consortium represents ALL of the best operators in Uganda, each of whom has different concessions, which are better or worse for the depending on the specific species and areas that are found in Uganda. We hunt all of the popular hunting areas, such as Kafu River, Lake Albert, Karamoja, Lake Mburo, Katanga and the Lake Victoria islands. The location and selection of operator depends on the species desired which is discussed personally with a member of our team when you contact us.

Other Buffalo Species

For collectors and buffalo hunting enthusiasts, we also offer great hunts for the other species and varieties of African buffalo, including the Nile Buffalo, Dwarf Forest buffalo, Central African Savannah Buffalo, and Western Savannah Buffalo. We also offer exciting hunts for Water Buffalo in the South Pacific and in South America.


Although safari camps vary from place to place, clients will usually have a large, well-appointed safari tent, or bungalow made of natural materials, with en-suite toilet and shower facilities. Meals are elegantly served in dining areas which are set in beautiful surroundings. An experienced staff caters to every need. Great meals are the rule, often prepared from wild game and fresh locally grown vegetables and salads and include local wines and beer. Daily laundry service is available.

Travel Arrangements

As a full service travel company, the Hunting Consortium will make all necessary flight and hotel arrangements as well as procure any required visas and firearm permits. Hunting Consortium can assist you in getting the best airfare routing that best suits your desired itinerary and destination. When you are ready to book the hunt, we will construct a custom itinerary plan for you, designed to your specific requirements. Hunting Consortium will provide you with complete advice and suggestions on everything related to the hunt, from equipment and immunizations, to trophy shipping and a host of other necessities. Each of our hunters receives detailed information material on the hunts, country, inhabitants, and travel formalities. The firm also provides every hunter with a map, equipment checklist and other articles designed to prepare them for the hunt. Our staff is available to you seven days a week to answer any questions you may have concerning the organization or execution of the hunt.

We at the Hunting Consortium pride ourselves in planning hunts that deliver the right results for every client according to his/her own individual taste, budget and trophy quality aspirations. Buffalo hunting is a very complex theme, so we encourage those interested to contact us for a thorough briefing and consultation, in order to determine the right hunting option.

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