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Czech Republic

Formerly Czechoslovakia, these two small republics split from each other over political differences in 1993. Both are growing democracies, prospering after 4 decades of Communist rule after World War II. Both have a rich hunting heritage and both have thinly populated forested areas, rich in wildlife and agricultural land where species such as roe deer prosper.

The infrastructure is better in the modern, industrialized Czech Republic. Now there are many comfortable hunting lodges and quaint hotels in the rolling hill country of Bohemia and the beautiful Jeseniky Mountains of Moravia. Slovakia is less developed, but the wild Tatra Mountains are home to the Tatra chamois, unique to this country.

Modest prices, rich hunting traditions, and friendly people, have made the Czech Republic a preferred destination for European hunters for generations. The Bohemian atmosphere and abundance of wildlife, attract thousands of visiting sportsmen each season.

While both the Czech Republic and Slovakia have excellent populations of roe deer, red deer, wild boar, and Alpine chamois, the record book listings for mouflon have long been dominated by rams from the Czech Republic. Selective breeding and generations of scientific management are to thank for this accomplishment. Fallow deer are also of superior quality in both countries, thanks to importation of genetically superior stags from Hungary.

Slovakia also offers excellent driven pheasant shooting. Bags of over 1,000 birds per day to teams of 6 to 8 guns are routine, on the better estates in the Danube Valley, while many estates today can provide good action in the 400 to 600 birds per day range. Famous estates like Bella Bella and Zidlochovice have charmed visiting sportsmen for generations and still provide some of the finest wingshooting in the world.

The Czech Republic is also justly famous for its entertaining sightseeing treasures – such as its beautiful capital, Prague. It is also the home of Pilsner beer, as well as the quaint beer brewing town of Budweis – the original Budweiser!

Slovakia is rapidly developing its hunting industry today. It too can boast great mouflon rams, red stags and wild boar. The Tatra chamois can only be hunted here.

Species List:

  • Alpine Chamois
  • Tatra Chamois
  • European Red Deer
  • European Fallow Deer
  • European Roe Deer
  • Central European Mouflon sheep
  • Eurasian Wild Boar

Protected Species:

  • European Brown Bear
  • European Lynx
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