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Poland has long been famous among Europeans for its excellent hunting. Larger than all the other Eastern European countries, about the size of the state of New Mexico, this country has enormous areas of forest and thinly populated agricultural land. It is home to large populations of roe deer, red deer, and wild boar. Remote parts of the Carpathian Mountains in the south of the country still have wolves and Poland has the largest herds of European bison, outside of Russia.

Due to large agricultural tracts neighboring huge densely forested areas, Poland has been one of the favorite destinations for wild boar. Driven boar shooting there has been very popular due to the high daily bags which can be expected.

For generations, red stag hunting was excellent for stags of medium quality. While few stags in Poland develop more than 10 kilograms of horn weight, hunting in Poland is wilder and more adventurous than further south in Hungary, for example. Red stags are modestly priced in Poland, making it a popular choice for many Western European hunters.

Roe deer hunting in Poland is among the best in Europe. A huge population, good trophies quality, and modest prices have combined to make roe deer hunting there very popular.

Poland suffered more than most east European countries during the collapse of Communism. This country was one of the first countries to embrace democracy and with a stagnant economy, hard currency was needed desperately. Wildlife populations suffered from excessive harvests in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Poland is in the process of rebuilding its wildlife resource and has come a long way since the early days of democracy.

Infrastructure has improved dramatically, prices are moderate and the Polish people are very friendly. Opportunities in Poland are getting better with each passing year and it remains one of the most popular destinations with European hunters in search of value for money, not necessarily huge trophies.

Species List:

  • Central European Mouflon
  • Eurasian Wild Boar
  • European Bison
  • European Fallow Deer
  • European Red Deer
  • European Roe Deer
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