"When I have a question about a car, recipe, or the latest news, I use "Google." When I have a hunting; where, how, or what question, I call the Hunting Consortium. No Guff! I've booked over 30 international hunts through the Hunting Consortium and fully intend to use their professional services far into the future!"
-Jim Shockey

“Bob and his crew are experienced professionals. Every trip is meticulously planned with true military precision. I have very much enjoyed my trips with Bob and would not trust anyone else to outfit my hunts in Russia and Asia!”
-Craig Boddington

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Red Stag Hunting

Posted on 27th April, 2022 by HC-Admin

Red Stag Hunting:

The Hunting Consortium offers a great variety of hunting programs for Red Stag Hunting including all of the huntable subspecies of this great game animal, on all the continents where it is found.

Hunting Red Stag in Europe:

The Hunting Consortium was founded in Europe. Bob and Margarete Kern lived in Europe for more than 20 years and Rob grew up there. Hunting Consortium still maintains a small office in Germany, and full-time staff in several countries. Hunting Consortium provides the largest portfolio of European hunting options for red stags of any hunting company or agency in the world; with over 40 years of experience arranging stag hunts in Europe – nobody knows Europe like the Hunting Consortium!

Europe is the home of the red stag and the largest trophies have always come from Europe. The best red stag hunting today is found in Romania, Hungary and Austria. Romania is the wildest and cheapest, with regard to free-range hunting. Hungary and Austria offer the largest trophies and excellent lodges and sightseeing options. Croatia is a good compromise for high quality and mid-level prices. Some private estates in Austria offer enormous trophies each season. [The blood line in Austria tends to yield many times, instead of the typical heavy mass and fewer tines of Eastern European red stags, therefore red stags taken in Austria usually score very well under SCI rules.]

The best time to hunt red stags in Europe is during the rut, which usually takes place in mid-September. Red stags can be successfully hunted as late as December, for those who cannot get away in early fall.

South Pacific

The Hunting Consortium’s staff has spent many years traveling, exploring and hunting in Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. They personally know every operator and outfitter that they represent and are thoroughly familiar with all the better hunting areas.

If you are looking for Red Stag Hunting best experience call us now.

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