"These days it seems half the hunters out there are 'booking agents,' part-time to support their own hobby or, often, enamored of a certain outfitter who becomes a buddy. There's nothing wrong with this, but it's not the same as working with a genuine, full-time hunting consultant, not only with decades of experience but with people 'on the ground' in key (and sometimes difficult) destinations. With 40 years of international experience it's absolutely true that there are places where I don't need help--but there are also destinations where I simply wouldn't go without seeking the best possible advice from the most experienced experts. I've known The Hunting Consortium's Bob Kern for more than 30 years. He and his team are 'the most experienced experts,' and after all these years I continue to rely upon their advice, assistance, and arrangements for hunts in out-of-the-way places. Over the years most of my Asian hunts have been organized by The Hunting Consortium. Using background in military training, a trip organized by The Hunting Consortium always starts with a plan. Hey, plans change, especially in Third World countries. However, The Hunting Consortium preps the ground with local outfitters...and also develops the most extensive pre-hunt packages I have ever seen, preparing and informing their hunter-clients as fully as possible. Unlike many, The Hunting Consortium also has dedicated personnel in locations such as Moscow and Ulan Bator to ensure smooth formalities with firearms. When it comes to difficult hunts in challenging areas I have complete faith in The Hunting Consortium...and so should you"
-Craig Boddington

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Asia, the largest continent on earth, has fascinated Western man since the dawn of recorded history. From the desert mountains of Persia, through the wind swept steppes of Mongolia, to the bamboo forests of Manchuria, the mysteries and riches of this enormous region have lured intrepid sportsmen and adventurers since Marco Polo reported of his travels in the Middle Kingdom more than 700 years ago. The number and variety of species found in Asia is rivaled only by Africa, most of which are unique to this continent. Asia is home to more species of sheep and goats than all other continents of the world combined, as well as to huge deer, bear, and a variety of antelope.

Since 1978, The Hunting Consortium has been arranging Asian shikars for a wide variety of customers, from middle-income “once in a lifetime” hunters, to wealthy collectors who hunt every season with us in Asia. The Hunting Consortium pioneered the opening and reopening of vast hunting territories to foreign sportsmen in the modern era.

No company has been more active in these remote frontiers during the last three decades than The Hunting Consortium. Never before have the opportunities for adventurous hunters been so great, or the traveling itself so easy! The current and ever changing geopolitical situations in this region permit travelers to access to the vast majority of the better hunting areas in Asia.

Asia is the most difficult and complex area in the world in which to arrange hunting and travel. Bob Kern and his experienced staff have pioneered the development of hunting tourism in Russia and China and in the several republics of the former Soviet Union in the 1990s. The Hunting Consortium has also led the way in places as diverse as Pakistan, Iran, and Mongolia. The Hunting Consortium has arranged more hunting trips in Asia in the last two decades than any other worldwide hunting company!

We know personally every operator we recommend and we visit the hunting areas frequently to ensure that our information remains current.

Knowledge – Working long hours, full-time, in the hunting and fishing industry, experienced consultants uncover and accumulate information no amateur sportsman would be exposed to. Real consultants are not just booking agents. Knowing which areas to hunt or fish, which operator to use for a particular quest and when to go for the highest chance of success, is the essence of our craft. (Beware of part-timers, they are really just amateurs in disguise.)

Experience – A good consultant’s experience allows him to edit the multitude of offerings in the marketplace, selecting precisely the right option to suit the individual taste and desires of each client. Bob Kern and his experienced staff have hunted in more than 50 countries throughout the world, over the span of more than 50 years. Bob has personally collected over 160 species of big game (over 500 trophies). They spend much of every year visiting hunting and fishing destinations, exploring remote territories, speaking with operators, old and new, and evaluating ever-changing conditions. They are the more experienced outdoor adventure team in the world today.

Insider Information – Consultants receive confidential information involving the financial stability of operators, pending new game regulations, and a host of other technical issues continuously. This, information is used to temper recommendations and guide clients’ decisions.

Advocacy – Every operator wants to fill his camps and sell his harvest quota. The consultant’s objective, on the other hand, is to please and serve his clients. If a dispute should arise between an operator and a client, an experienced consultant can often use his leverage to obtain an equitable solution. A customer can only represent his individual position to any operator, but the consultant represents the voices of many clients and can elevate any issue to market-wide exposure, when necessary.

Service – The staff at The Hunting Consortium routinely procures visas, firearm permits, and other travel documents, as well as issuing air tickets, making hotel reservations, and performing a host of other services to make travel easier and more interesting for clients. They also construct complex sightseeing programs to compliment any hunt.

The disappointment over a bad experience lingers long after the joy over the low cost has faded.

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