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China has fascinated westerners since Marco Polo journeyed to the Middle Kingdom, as it was known then, in the late 1200s. China is about the size of the United States of America and is the world’s most populous nation, with over 1 billion inhabitants. Geographically, it is a microcosm of Asia itself, having the towering mountain ranges of the Tien Shan and Kunlun Shan in the west and the mighty Himalayas in the south, as well as the huge Tarim Pendi (desert) which occupies much of the west of the country from the high Tibetan Plateau to the borders of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. In the northeast there are boreal forests up to the Russian border and in the south the bamboo forests and subtropical jungles bordering Vietnam and Laos.

Sport hunting in China, which began in 1978, can be one of the most fascinating experiences that the traveling hunter can enjoy in the world today. Despite a the huge population, vast stretches of desert and mountainous country still remain uninhabited and wild. Since most hunting trips are combined with visits to the fascinating cultural wonders such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, as well as other historical sights in new Beijing, tours to China are among the most interesting available. We can provide our clients with a virtually unlimited selection of options for sightseeing and excursions before and after the hunt.

Currently hunting in China has been suspended, pending new legislation restructuring game quotas and including provisions for residents in what was previously a program only for foreign tourists. We expect new regulations to be promulgated shortly and the reopening of this great hunting destination in the next year or so.

Before hunting was suspended in 2006, the Hunting Consortium was the largest arranger of hunts in that country. We know all the regions well and have done much of the most recent exploring of new hunting territories in the west and south of the country. Our expert partners in China are among the most efficient and skilled tour operators in Asia.

China is blessed with the largest number of subspecies of argali (giant) sheep of all Asian countries. These sheep are found in the high arid mountains for Northwestern and North Central China, as well as on the Tibetan plateau. China also has an amazing variety of other species, many of which are unique to this country.

Species List (when hunting was previously open)

  • Tian Shan Argali
  • Sair Argali
  • Littledale Argali
  • Marco Polo Argali
  • Gansu Argali
  • Gobi Argali
  • Altai Argali
  • Chinese Blue Sheep
  • Helan mountain Blue Sheep
  • Himalayan Blue Sheep
  • Dwarf Blue Sheep
  • Golden Takin
  • Sichuan Takin
  • Yarkand Goitered Gazelle
  • Hillier Goitered Gazelle
  • Tibetan Gazelle
  • Mid Asian Ibex
  • Gobi Ibex
  • Tien Shan Wapiti
  • Manchurian Wapiti
  • Manchurian Sika Deer
  • Gansu Red Deer
  • White-Lipped Deer
  • Chinese Sambar
  • West Chinese Tufted Deer
  • Chinese Muntjac
  • Chinese Roe Deer
  • Wild Boar

Special Permit Species:

  • Wild Yak
  • Tibetan Antelope
  • Serow
  • Goral
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