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Since Genghis Khan and his Mongol horsemen swept out of what is today eastern Mongolia to dominate most of Central Asia in the 13th century, Mongolia has figured prominently in human history. More than twice the size of Texas and strategically situated between Russia and China, this land has a variety of ecosystems, which harbor many of Asia’s most desirable hunting species. With the Altai Mountains in the west and remote forests in the north, as well as the vast Gobi Desert in the south, Mongolia boasts a great variety of wildlife. Mongolia is also one of the least populated countries on earth, with a population density of less than 2 people per square kilometer, most of whom live in the towns and cities. It is blessed with considerable natural resources such as coal, copper, and other minerals. Capital is derived from the sale of these and the country is developing a good infrastructure in the modern era.

Mongolia has developed a strong tourism industry and hosts a large number of foreigners every year, primarily for nature and outdoor-oriented activities, including camping, fishing, and hunting. Mongolia has had an active hunting program for tourists for more than 25 years and has one of the best game management systems in Asia.

Mongolians are among the world’s best horsemen and have an ancient love of hunting and outdoor life. Largely still pastoral, Mongolians raise large herds of camels, horses and sheep. The nomadic life is changing nowadays, but thousands of Mongolians still travel with their livestock from one grazing place to the next following the changing of the seasons.

The extraordinary beauty and solitude of Mongolia’s mountains coupled with a diverse array of big game species attracts many hunters each year. It has become one of the most popular destinations in Asia for hunters and is a great choice for a first Asian hunting experience. For adventurous sportsmen who wish to have a well organized hunt in a remote and fascinating land, among people whose traditional culture has changed little in thousands of years, Mongolia is the country to visit.

Mongolia is perhaps most famous for two of the largest wild sheep in the world – the Altai Argali and the Gobi Argali. These magnificent sheep are found in excellent numbers in the Altai Mountains and in the Gobi Desert, respectively. We also offer hunts for the Gobi argali found in the Hangai Mountains, which is larger than the sheep of the desert and categorized as a separate trophy, for trophy recording purposes, known as the Hangai Argali, by international sheep hunters. Very few licenses for these sheep species are issued each year and the demand far exceeds the supply. Choice of hunting area is critical to the size of the trophy. Our experience works for our clients in obtaining licenses and in selecting the right area for each hunt.

Mongolia is also well known for ibex. Two species are found in Mongolia – the Siberian ibex, of the Altai Mountains and the smaller Gobi ibex of the Gobi desert. Ibex populations are high, leading to high success rates and the mountains of Mongolia are neither high, nor very steep, making ibex hunting there easier than it is in other Asian countries. Ibex hunting in Mongolia is perhaps the most popular hunt in Asia today.

For over 20 years, Mongolia has been a popular destination for hunters seeking good Asian wapiti, or elk. These large deer are almost indistinguishable from the North American elk of Colorado and Wyoming. Unfortunately, several severe winters and poaching problems in western Mongolia have resulted in the suspension of elk hunting. The wapiti herds are recovering now and there is hope that hunting will again be reopened in the next few years. The most popular hunts take place during the rut in September and early October, when the bulls are “bugling” just like North American elk.

Many hunters enjoy seeing the wide windswept steppe country of Eastern Mongolia, where Genghis Khan was born and came to power. Here large herds of Mongolian gazelles can be found and in the winter wolves can be easily hunted.

Mongolia also offers bird shooting for Asian Capercaillie, Black Cock, Hazel Hen and Sandgrouse, as well as excellent fishing for Taimen, Grayling and Trout.

Species List:

  • Asian Elk
  • Altai Argali
  • Hangai Argali
  • Gobi Argali
  • Siberian Ibex
  • Gobi Ibex
  • Asian Wolf
  • Hillier Goitered (black-tailed) Gazelle
  • Mongolian (white-tailed) Gazelle
  • Siberian Roe Deer
  • Wild Boar

Protected Species:

  • Snow Leopard
  • Saiga Antelope

Species with currently closed season:

  • Yakutia Moose
  • Siberian Brown Bear
  • Lynx
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