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Scandinavia is the cultural, historical, and ethnic region of northern Europe that includes the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and by extension, the republics of Finland and Iceland. The vast territory of this Nordic region stretches from the Baltic Sea to well above the Arctic Circle. It contains vast wilderness areas with virtually no human population and is home to many game species. Since the days of the Vikings, the fiercely independent people of Scandinavia have a long and proud tradition of hunting, which endures to this day.

Tourism is a well-developed industry in Scandinavia and this region entertains millions of tourists and outdoor enthusiasts every year.


The Kingdom of Sweden contains one of the last areas of real wilderness left in Europe. Sweden’s vast Northern provinces, known as “Norrland”, are home to the Laps (Sami People) and boast a wide array of northern game species, including: European moose, reindeer, wolf, beaver, fox, and the trophy birds, Capercaillie and black grouse.

For more than 30 years The Hunting Consortium has offered an extensive hunting program in Sweden. Our first representative in Sweden, Horst Kuehne, was one of the most experienced hunt organizers and guides in that country and is also the founder of the Professional Hunter’s Association of Sweden. “Hoss’ ” vast experience led to the development of several very popular programs, specifically designed for our customers.

The European Moose is the most popular game animal in Sweden and more than 350,000 moose inhabit the country, of which some 80,000 are shot there every year, more than in any other European country. Our guides and their highly trained moose dogs are the best in Sweden for trophy moose hunting.

The European Reindeer boasts the biggest trophy mass, compared to its body weight, of any member of the deer family. In Sweden these animals are considered the property of the Sami people, in the region known unofficially as “Lapland”, where reindeer roam freely. Hunting for nonresidents is generally not available, but sometimes exceptions are made. Many of the top 10 bulls listed in the SCI Record Book were taken by our clients.

European lynx grow very large in Sweden. These hunts are conducted using dogs to track and tree the lynx in deep snow, much like cougars are hunted in North America.

Hunting for the trophy birds, Capercaillie and black grouse, is also very popular and populations for both of these species are very high.

Scandinavian Species List:

  • European Moose
  • European Reindeer
  • European Red Deer
  • Norwegian Red Deer
  • European Fallow Deer
  • European Roe Deer
  • Eurasian Wild boar
  • European Lynx
  • Wolverine
  • Capercaillie
  • Black Grouse
  • Raccoon Dog
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